She’s Sharing Her Trick For How To Pick Out A Perfectly Sweet Watermelon, And Her Dad Was The One Who Taught Her This

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During the summer, one of my favorite sweet treats is watermelon. Not ice cream, slushies, or the freezy pops, but a nice ripe sweet watermelon.

I know that my family loves watermelon during the summer, but sometimes we don’t choose the sweet ones.

Sometimes we end up picking the more watery, less sweet melons. But how are you even supposed to choose the perfect sweet watermelon every time?

Thankfully, Jenny Martinez, who goes by @jennymartinezz on TikTok, has a way of picking the perfect sweet watermelon every time.

Jenny’s dad was the one who actually taught this to her, and now she’s sharing her neat trick with everyone else.

According to Jenny, the best way to tell if a melon hasn’t gone bad is to tap on it and listen to the sound. If it is a solid sound, it’s good, if it’s more of a hollow sound, it is bad.

And this neat trick is something that Jenny has taught her children as well, who help her pick out watermelons at the grocery store.

I do find it really cool that this mom is sharing her father’s fruit wisdom with her children. It’s like passing a tradition down almost.

“Always look for a yellow patch, these vein-like webbings, and the more veins, the better,” she said.

PiyawatNandeenoparit – – illustrative purposes only

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