This Elite Matchmaker Is Discussing The 3 Most Popular Types Of Women Her Affluent Clients Ask Her To Find For Them

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Dating apps aren’t the only way to search for true love. Some people have been turning to matchmaking services to find the one.

TikToker Gina Hendrix (@matchmakerginahendrix) has been a matchmaker for affluent men for fifteen years, and she’s discussing the three types of women that are most requested by her clients.

“I am going to preface this by saying that, yes, I have had different clients who asked for many different things other than the three types I’m about to tell you,” said Gina.

But on the whole, these three qualities are the most sought after by eligible high-caliber men. So let’s get into it!

First, tall women are very popular with her clients.

Unfortunately, Gina does not specify exactly how tall her clients desire women to be.

As someone who barely clears five feet, anything taller than that is of a great height to me.

Next is a woman with a great career. Her clients have built up their own careers, so of course, they want someone they can take to work events and functions.

They’re looking for more than just attractiveness. They want both beauty and brains.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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