This New Mockumentary Series About Being On Jury Duty Has Taken TikTok By Storm

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The new eight-episode mockumentary series Jury Duty has taken TikTok by storm. Now, people are flocking to Amazon to watch the show in full instead of through two-minute clips on TikTok.

The Amazon Freevee show was created by the makers of The Office, so it includes a lot of the same elements as the sitcom, which is a hit with viewers.

Jury Duty explores the inner workings of a trial through the eyes of a group of jurors. Everyone knows it’s just a TV show except one of the jurors, Ronald Gladden.

He’s the only person on set who isn’t aware that the court case is fake and everyone around him is an actor. He believes that he’s really there to fulfill his duty as an American citizen.

As for the cameras, Ronald was told they were for a documentary about the judicial system. The actors playing the rest of the jurors all adopt these bizarre identities to try to make Ronald question the legitimacy of the whole trial.

Ronald has gained a host of fans for maintaining his patience throughout the trial. And, of course, we all love how he’s still completely clueless even after everything that has happened so far.

TikToker Kesha (@keshascastle) is introducing you to your next favorite show with this short clip that showcases just how hilarious Jury Duty is.

In this particular scene, a woman named Genevieve Telford-Warren introduced herself to the jury. And when asked to describe what she did for a living, she spouted out a long list of job roles that seemed never-ending.

She explained that she was a social media brand ambassador for herself and her dog. She also works as a DJ on the side, is a certified lash technician, an actor, and a model.

moodboard – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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