5 Non-Negotiable Workplace Etiquette Rules That Everyone Needs To Know

One of the main ways you can practice respect is by getting to know your coworkers’ names and pronouns. Address people how they want to be addressed, and work to mitigate any mispronunciations.

If you work in the office, respect will also transcend verbal communication and be a critical part of the office environment. Sharing a workplace can be tricky since people focus in different manners and are on varying schedules.

That’s why you should be sure to request meetings ahead of time and refrain from distracting others when they are busy at work. Plus, if you work in an open office structure, don’t be disruptive.

If you enjoy listening to music while working, pop in some headphones. Don’t put on a concert for the whole team.

Remote Workers: Practice Self-Awareness

Working from home has its pros and its cons. For some, the inevitable virtual meetings are one downside that can feel unnatural.

However, many of the same etiquette rules that apply inside a physical office also apply online.

Would you ever show up to the office in your pajamas without brushing your teeth or running a comb through your hair? If not, don’t do that for virtual meetings, either.

Even if you are working from home, you still have to maintain professionalism. Dress appropriately before logging onto any meeting.

And afterward, once you actually join a video call, be sure to speak up whenever you are asked to contribute. Don’t just be a silent watcher. This can make virtual meetings last longer than they need to and be uncomfortable for everyone involved.

At the same time, remember that you are on camera. Sit up straight, use attentive body language, and make eye contact with the camera when speaking.

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