Here Are 10 Fun Summer Things To Do With Your Child To Keep Them From Saying They’re Bored

Feed The Ducks

If there is a pond or lake in your area where ducks often frequent, take your kids to feed them. Bring along scraps of bread or birdseed. They’ll have loads of fun tossing the food to the ducks.

Go Berry Picking

Summertime is when the berries come out. Find a wild berry bush or a farm that lets you pick your own berries for a small fee. You’ll be able to indulge in fresh fruit all summer long!

Build A Fort

Turn your home into a place found only in your child’s imagination by creating a giant blanket fort. Assemble some tables and chairs and drape blankets and sheets over top.

Sit underneath the fort and enjoy a snack.

Visit An Amusement Park

Any kid will surely have a blast riding kid-friendly rollercoasters. Bonus points if there’s a water park you can cool off at.

Go To The Farmer’s Market

A farmer’s market is much more interesting than your weekly trip to the grocery store. Your child will be exposed to a wider variety of foods, and you can turn it into a regular outing!

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