If You’re Brave Enough To Try Cutting Your Own Curtain Bangs, Allow Brad Mondo To Show You How

Galina - - illustrative purposes only

I know I’m not the only person to change their hairstyle to express themselves or to try something new.

I’ve had short hair, long hair, blonde and brunette, and I’ve had blue and purple hair. I’ve even tried bangs, but that wasn’t the look for me.

And throughout this entire hair journey, I’ve had the support of my mom and family, though my brothers never understand why I get my hair done.

And if I ever don’t like how it turns out, I can always grow my hair out and try again with something different.

There have been so many people showing their hair fails on social media. And some of them are just awful, like seeing someone’s hair literally fail out because it was over-processed and damaged. Or watching someone try to give themselves bangs, and it turns into a catastrophe.

There are a lot of professionals that share videos on TikTok of effortless ways that people can get the hairdos that they want.

One stylist that seems to pop up the most on my social media feed is Brad Mondo. He is well known for reviewing hair coloring videos and other styling videos, and he always starts a lot of his videos very honestly.

One of his best videos is all about cutting your own curtain bangs. And it looks pretty easy.

“This is the easiest way to cut curtain bangs,” he explained. “First, make sure your hair is wet.”

Galina – – illustrative purposes only

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