She Requested No Speeches At Her Wedding, But Then Her Mother-In-Law Stood Up And Started Saying Something Anyway, So She Ignored Her And Kept Talking To Her Friends

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Speeches at a wedding reception are always hit or miss. Depending on their speech, someone in your wedding party or a family member can make the night amazing or kill the vibe.

One woman requested no speeches at her recent wedding. So when her mother-in-law stood up and started speaking anyway, she carried on her conversations with her friends.

She’s never been a fan of speeches at events like weddings. 

“I think they are boring, exhausting, and very, very forced, but having said that, this is just my opinion, and I never forced it on anyone,” she explained.

“I have sat through long excoriating speeches without complaining like any other decent human being.”

However, when she got engaged and started planning her wedding, she knew she didn’t want any speeches to be made from the start. So, she and her fiancé wrote on their invitations that they love all their guests and that if anyone wanted to say anything to them, to please say it privately at another time.

Her fiancé thought it was a funny request but respected her wishes because he knew how she felt about speeches.

They had a lot of fun at their wedding, which was small and filled with loved ones. They played games afterward, and things were going great until dinner was served, and her mother-in-law unsolicitedly stood up to speak. 

Her mother-in-law grabbed everyone’s attention and acknowledged that guests were asked not to speak but said since it was her only son’s wedding, she’d be doing what she wanted.

IVASHstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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