She Was Upset To Find Out Her Ex-Husband And His New Wife Refused To Give Her A Present Her Former Mother-In-Law Got For Her

Rido - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

As if a divorce wasn’t stressful enough, not getting along with your ex’s new partner sounds like a total nightmare.

One woman was shocked after she found out that her ex-husband and his new wife had refused to give her a gift that was sent to her by her former mother-in-law.

She got divorced from her ex-husband 13 years ago. They have a teenage son, so they’ve had to stay in touch.

Things had been going pretty smoothly between them as co-parents throughout the years. Every now and then, they’d run into some conflicts, but they could usually work through them.

However, her ex remarried 10 years ago, and his wife does not like her one bit.

“I just try to avoid her and be business-like when we must communicate,” she said. “I am not a confrontational-type person.”

Recently, things got really tense between her and her ex after Mother’s Day. Her son recently approached her and asked if she had received a Mother’s Day gift from his grandmother, her ex’s mom.

She hadn’t this year, which was surprising because she’s always had a good relationship with her former mother-in-law.

When she told her son no, he shouted, “I knew it,” before explaining that he overheard his stepmom telling his dad that she wouldn’t be passing along the gift from his grandmother. He also heard his stepmom say she didn’t understand why his grandmother still gave her gifts.

Rido – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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