The Social Security Administration Has Revealed The Most Popular Baby Names Of Last Year

nataliaderiabina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual baby

Were you wondering what the most popular baby names for 2022 are? The Social Security Administration (SSA) has compiled a list for your convenience.

So if you are in the process of naming your little one, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at it.

Some parents like to stay in line with what’s trendy, while others like to use the list to know what names to avoid in favor of something more unique.

Either way, here are the top ten boys’ and girls’ names of 2022. There’s a good chance you know at least one person with one of these names.

For the boys: Liam, Noah, Oliver, James, Elijah, William, Henry, Lucas, Benjamin, and Theodore. For the girls: Olivia, Emma, Charlotte, Amelia, Sophia, Isabella, Ava, Mia, Evelyn, and Luna.

Once again, Liam and Olivia have come out on top. Liam is a name of Irish origin. It means “strong-willed warrior” and “protection” and evokes traits of courage and perseverance.

Olivia is a name derived from Latin roots, meaning “olive tree” and “peace.” It’s no wonder that these two names are so popular because they embody the positive traits parents want to instill in their children.

The rest of the names on the top ten list have remained largely the same as last year’s, except for Luna, which made its way to tenth place on the girls’ list, replacing the name Harper.

The SSA also announced the top five fastest-rising boys’ and girls’ names of 2022, and they might surprise you.

nataliaderiabina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual baby

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