He Told His Wife That If She Gets Their Daughter Kicked Out of Another Daycare Program, She’s Going To Have To Quit Her Job, Because They Can’t Afford Alternative Childcare Options - - illustrative purposes only

This guy and his wife have a 3-year-old girl named Alexis, and Alexis has been in daycare ever since she was 1, as he and his wife both work.

Over the course of the 2 years that Alexis has been going to daycare, they have been kicked out of two different places due to how badly his wife likes to micromanage things.

He does say that he and his wife didn’t know a thing about daycare, to begin with, so the first time they got kicked out wasn’t totally their fault.

“I quickly learned that they can’t provide personalized care and after learning from her teachers, I reset my expectations,” he explained.

“My wife, however, has a lot of anxiety and worries about our daughter. She hates when she gets even a little upset. She’s in therapy and is working on it.”

“First program, my wife would constantly watch the live feed and call the daycare multiple times a day. We had several talks about it and the school talked to us twice. My wife ended up screaming at one of the teachers and then the director. We were terminated immediately.”

Things at their second daycare went slightly better, as his wife was in therapy then. But his wife had so much anxiety that she found something to complain about every single day.

The things his wife picked apart weren’t big issues at all; they were tiny things, like one time a child took a toy that Alexis had and Alexis ended up crying.

The teacher handed that toy back to Alexis, but his wife got upset that the child who took the toy in the first place was not punished. – – illustrative purposes only

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