His Fiancée Wants Them To Wear Her Grandparents’ Wedding Bands, But He Isn’t Too Keen On The Idea For A Few Key Reasons

Dennis - - illustrative purposes only

This guy will be tying the knot with his fiancée soon. So, they recently decided to go ring shopping, and later that day, his fiancée showed him her grandparents’ wedding bands– which had been gifted to her.

His fiancée also admitted to liking the idea of there being a story behind the wedding bands.

“She’s very close to her grandparents, who are now very frail,” he explained.

Nonetheless, he wasn’t so sure about wearing the wedding bands himself.

First of all, the thought of losing a precious family heirloom is particularly off-putting and nerve-wracking. His fiancée agreed with that, too.

Not to mention, he preferred some of the other wedding band styles that they had been shopping for.

“A ring is pretty much the only bit of jewelry a man wears– aside from an expensive watch, which I’m not keen on,” he reasoned.

“So, I am not sure about having one picked for me that I don’t like so much.”

On top of that, he believes that his fiancée’s mother has meddled a lot in their wedding planning. This has caused them to experience delays, increased prices, and, of course, arguments.

Dennis – – illustrative purposes only

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