She Told Her Ex That His New Wife Couldn’t Join Their Son’s College Tours, And Her Ex Is Furious

Nicholas J. Klein - - illustrative purposes only

When this woman’s son was just 6-months-old, she and her ex split up. Then, shortly after her relationship ended, she met her current husband– whom she married when her son was 3.

Since then, her ex has been very supportive of her marriage and believes her husband is an excellent stepfather. And even though their co-parenting relationship has been tough at times, she believes that she and her ex have done a fine job working through any issues for the sake of their son.

But, just last year, her ex wound up eloping with a new woman named Shelly, whom he only dated for about a year or so before tying the knot.

That’s why she doesn’t know Shelly all that well and has only actually met her son’s stepmother twice. Her son, on the other hand, really dislikes his father’s new wife.

“He thinks Shelly is mentally unhinged, is way too involved in his personal business, and he blames her for being the reason he hasn’t been able to spend as much quality time with his father,” she explained.

Since her son will soon be a senior in high school, she and her son have also begun touring colleges. This past spring, they looked at a few schools. Throughout the summer, they also intend to visit various out-of-state colleges.

The plan was for herself, her husband, and her son’s father to go on the tours together.

However, when she was trying to coordinate the details of their next tour with her ex earlier this week, a bomb was dropped on her. She learned that Shelly would also be joining them on their three college tours.

She didn’t hesitate to ask her ex why his new wife was joining. She also pointed out how the woman tagging along was not necessary. Nonetheless, her ex claimed that Shelly just wanted to be supportive.

Nicholas J. Klein – – illustrative purposes only

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