What Should You Even Say When Getting Down On One Knee And Proposing?

Marharyta Hanhalo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Marriage proposals are the most important first steps into a long-term relationship and marriage with someone. This is a moment that is something that both of you are going to look back on.

If you have decided to propose to your partner, it may be overwhelming when you start to think about what exactly you are going to say to them. You want to make it romantic but not over the top, and you want it to be sweet but not cliche. So, where do you begin?

It might be a nice idea to start out by reflecting on your relationship so far and reminisce on some of your favorite memories together. If you have a sweet or funny story about how the two of you met, it might be nice to lead with that: the beginning.

You can also share other milestones that were important to you, such as their first time saying I love you or the day you asked them to move in with you. Talking about things that the two of you have shared with one another makes your proposal more personal and one that stands out.

Next, talk about the reasons that you love your partner. Let them know that they are so loved and cared for by you and that you feel so lucky to have them in your life. Share the qualities that you adore about them and how they have impacted you as an individual.

Maybe being around your partner brings out your inner child, and you feel completely safe and yourself around them in a way, you haven’t before. Perhaps you love the way that they continue to support you and stay by your side as you learn and grow.

After you’ve reflected on your past, begin to talk about what you hope your future with them will look like. If you have discussed any future goals, like traveling, starting a family, or buying a house together, bring light to them in your proposal to prove that you have been really thinking long-term.

Tell them about how you want to grow old with them by your side and how you feel like you two could take on the world together!

All of this leads up to popping the most important question: Will you marry me? Try to keep your proposal speech between one or two minutes so that it is long enough to notice the effort that you put into it but not so long that it seems drawn out.

Marharyta Hanhalo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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