Extend The Gardening Season With These Five Vegetables That Are Perfect For Late Summer Planting

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Just because it’s late summer doesn’t mean the gardening season has to come to an end.

In fact, that’s far from the truth because this is actually the perfect time to plant some fast-growing, cool-weather-loving vegetables that will keep you harvesting well into the fall.

So, don’t let the shortening days deter you. Here are five vegetables you can get to planting right now to make the most of your late-summer garden.

Radishes: The Quick-Growing Crunchy Treat

If gardening were a race, then radishes would be the sprinters of the vegetable world.

All you have to do is plant some seeds one inch apart in rows that are 12 inches apart. Be sure to sow the seeds in well-drained soil with full to partial sun exposure.

Then, keep the soil evenly moist and thin the seedlings if they’re too close together.

Afterward, you just have to sit back and give the radishes only 30 days! In about a month’s time, you’ll be rewarded with a crunchy, peppery treat.

Spinach: It Thrives In Cooler Temperatures

bmarya83 – illustrative purposes only

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