He Told His Wife He Didn’t Want Her To Go On A Beach Vacation With Her Friends, Because He Was Worried About Having To Care For Their Kids All By Himself

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This man’s wife has recently had the opportunity to say yes to a beach vacation for a week this fall with one of her friends. Before giving her friend her final answer, she asked him if he was okay with her going. However, he initially told her that no, he was not okay with it.

He and his wife have a 3-year-old and a 4-month-old together. Both their daycare and his work start at 6:30 a.m., so usually, his wife is responsible for dropping the children off in the morning. He gets off work earlier than his wife does, so he is usually the one to pick the children up from daycare.

“She works one full-time job that has allowed her to work two days from home each week because of our infant and then has weekends off. I work a full-time job during the week and a part-time job on the weekend. So effectively, I have no days off,” he explained.

Typically, his wife will be the one to wake up with the baby overnight and get up in the mornings to get the kids ready. If she decided to take a vacation, these responsibilities would fall on him, and while he’s not too worried about being late to work, he knows that he would have to make up for those hours later in the day.

So, he tried to explain to his wife that he was uncomfortable with the idea of her being gone for so long. While he understands that sometimes parents need a break from their children, he would rather him take over watching the kids for a day so that she can relax instead of having her gone for an entire week.

Plus, she already has a three-day work trip planned for later this month, and he is worried about that. While he doesn’t want to take the opportunity away from her, he also feels like she is acting a bit entitled and that most mothers wouldn’t leave such young children for so long.

“It’s a lot for one person, and originally, I did not want children. Granted, I love them more than anything now, but ultimately, I feel like this is the life she chose for herself, and she knew what she was getting herself into,” he said.

His wife, on the other hand, argues that all she is asking is that he takes on the responsibilities she has every day for one week and feels like he views her as a mother and nothing else.

According to him, she should make being a mother her first priority over everything else. He is worried about his capability and his patience levels while considering taking on everything she does each day in addition to his busy work schedule.

icemanphotos – – illustrative purposes only

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