Her Fiancé’s Family Is Threatening To Not Come To Their Wedding If They Don’t Have A Large, Traditional Wedding With Specific Customs

Igor - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Trying to accommodate your future in-laws’ wishes for what your wedding should be like can be a tricky task.

Especially when you feel like no matter what you do, they aren’t happy.

This 29-year-old woman is getting married to her fiancé, 30, and while wedding planning, they’ve struggled to please his parents.

“My fiancé’s family has certain expectations about how our wedding should be, and they’ve been quite vocal about it,” she explained.

“They want a traditional, large wedding with specific customs and rituals that hold deep cultural significance to them. ”

“While I respect their traditions, my fiancé and I have always envisioned a more intimate and modern wedding that reflects our personalities and values.”

Despite open communication with her fiancé’s parents throughout the wedding planning process and trying to compromise, his parents don’t feel like the compromises are enough and have said that they won’t come to the wedding if she and her fiancé don’t follow through with every single one of their suggestions.

Even though his parents have been demanding, she understands that weddings involve joining families together, and it’s not always just about the engaged couple getting married.

“Refusing their requests could be seen as disrespectful and inconsiderate of their feelings, and it might lead to strained relationships,” she shared.

Igor – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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