Her Mom Gave Her Wedding Dress To Her Cousin And Allowed Her To Cut It Up, Even Though She Wanted To Be Able To Walk Down The Aisle In The Dress One Day

Mehmed - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this woman was 16, her mom asked her if she wanted to wear her wedding dress when she got married someday, and she agreed because she thought the dress was gorgeous.

“My mom had a beautiful custom wedding dress made for her when she got married in the 90s. Her sister, my aunt, asked to borrow it to wear for her own wedding years later, and my mom agreed. The dress was later returned to my mom,” she explained.

Several years later, her cousin Jia got engaged.

“Jia asked my mom to cut pieces of the dress to add to her own. Since my mom had already promised it to me, she asked me first if I was okay with it. I said I wasn’t since I still wanted to wear it for my own wedding. My mom said okay, and I thought that was that,” she said.

But today, she learned that there were further developments with the wedding dress situation.

A male cousin of hers recently got engaged, and she and her mom were discussing her cousin’s fiancée going dress shopping.

During the conversation, she said that she was going to miss out on wedding dress shopping since she was going to wear her mom’s wedding dress.

This was when her mom let it slip that she’d actually given Jia pieces of her wedding dress.

“My mom had forgotten to let me know. I was upset. First, she tried to tell me she thought I’d okayed it until I reminded her of the actual conversation. She then said that she thought I wouldn’t care that much and that I’d understand Jia wanted to have a part of her mom’s dress (remember, my aunt wore it, too),” she shared.

Mehmed – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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