His Wife’s Sister Had A Breakdown And Said He Ruined Her Wedding Photos Because He Wore A Dark Suit Instead of A Cream One

Oleksandr - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Four years ago, this man was still married to his now ex-wife, and her sister Alice was marrying Roger.

Prior to Alice and Roger’s engagement, he and Roger had a rough relationship. From the moment they met, they never got along.

“Roger was (is) a compulsive liar, mooch, and cheat. He had pretty much alienated Alice from most of her friends and family,” he said.

“He and I had a falling out after I called him out. In revenge, he told a lot of really horrible lies about me to the family and did his best to try and get me fired from my job.”

“We had to pay a lawyer to send him a cease-and-desist letter, and we went no-contact with both Roger and Alice.”

Several years later, his in-laws asked him to try to be around Roger and Alice at family gatherings again and remain civil.

Because he had a good relationship with his in-laws, he decided to try to do as they requested. From then on, he attended family gatherings but just ignored Roger and Alice.

Roger and Alice announced their engagement several months after he’d started to go to events with the family when they were in attendance.

For the wedding, his wife was the maid of honor, their daughter was the flower girl, and their son was the ring bearer. He, however, wasn’t asked to be part of the wedding party, but he was fine with that.

Oleksandr – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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