If You’re Looking For A Long-Lasting, Natural Privacy Screen In Your Backyard, You Might Want To Consider Growing Pampas Grass

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If you’re looking for a way to grow a long-lasting, natural privacy screen in your backyard so you’re not always under the watch of pesky neighbors, you may want to consider growing pampas grass.

Pampas grass is a perennial ornamental grass known as Cortaderia selloana. They can grow to be a whopping 10 to 13 feet high and six feet wide, giving whatever area they’re located in lots of coverage. 

The tops of pampas grass have big fluffy sand-colored plumes, while the stems are more stiff with sharp leaves. It can be a great addition to certain garden or poolside areas and is often associated with beachy summer settings. 

While pampas grass is pretty to look at, it is a very strong and fast-spreading plant. During the grass’ lifetime, it can spread up to a million seeds.

Once planted, its roots go very deep into the ground, making it difficult to remove from a garden. While the grass does die in the winter, it typically grows back once the weather is warm again.

Because pampas grass can be tough to get rid of and grows aggressively, it’s actually considered invasive and has been banned in certain states. So, before considering adding pampas grass to your home garden, you’ll want to do your research and make sure it’s not prohibited in your area. 

When planting pampas grass, you’ll want to ensure it’s in a controlled area with well-drained soil where it can get at least six hours of sunlight daily. It has to be moderate to lightly watered, and if you’re planting it in hedges, you’ll want to space each plant at least six feet apart.

Pampas grass is low maintenance and pest resistant, which are two major bonuses.

Be sure to avoid planting pampas grass in your backyard where your young children or pets can brush up against it, as the rough leaves could cause scrapes and cuts.

irenastar – illustrative purposes only

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