She’s A Fourth Grade Teacher Sharing One of The Best Ways To Spread Positivity To Students

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With school just around the corner again, teachers everywhere are scrambling to prepare for the new year.

Not only do they need to gather and organize classroom materials, brush up on lesson plans, and decide on what classroom policies to enforce, but they must also find ways to inspire students to develop a lifelong love of learning.

A fourth-grade teacher named Mrs. Freeman is on TikTok (@mrs_freemans_world) sharing one of the best ways to spread positivity to students.

Fill a binder with pages from an adult coloring book with inspirational quotes and have students choose one to use as decoration for their own binders.

Whenever they have completed their assigned tasks early, they can work on coloring the pages. Some of the quotes included sayings like, “Follow your heart,” “Embrace the unknown,” and “Make a difference.”

In the caption of her video, she wrote, “I LOVE having this kind of positivity for my kiddos. These inspirational coloring sheets are so helpful in SO many ways. Individuality, creativity, calming, inspiration. All in one resource!”

If you’re a teacher, you can incorporate this activity into your classroom. Even parents can do this at home! It’s just one of the many methods that will help motivate kids.

Some additional strategies backed by research that you can employ to motivate kids to learn are to become a role model, make an effort to get to know them, and be free with praise.

When you show your passion for education in your teaching, students will notice, and that enthusiasm will be contagious. They will be more likely to stay engaged.

ID 71526884 – © Monkey Business Images – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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