Not Everyone Instantly Hits It Off With Their College Roommate, And Here Are A Few Tips For Getting Along That Will Make Your Time In The Dorm A Bit Easier

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For most teenagers, going to college and living on campus is their first experience with a roommate. Sure, some people consider their siblings or relatives their “roommates” from home, but living in a dorm with a stranger is often our first taste of the real world.

Unfortunately, not all college students immediately hit it off with their roommates. Sometimes personalities clash and lacking experience with having roommates can make issues harder to solve. 

So, here are some basic tips for getting along with your college roommates that can help make your time in the dorm a bit easier!

Get To Know Your Roommate

When first moving into your dorm, it’s a great idea to invite your roommate out to dinner or coffee so you can get to know them outside of your shared space. Even if you don’t become best friends, it’s a great opportunity to observe their personality and figure out what their interests are.

Give Them Your Schedule Right Away

It’s best to inform your roommate about your living habits and expectations early to avoid future conflict. For instance, if your class schedule includes a lot of early morning classes and you’ll need your sleep, let your roommate know and ask that they keep it down after a certain hour at night. If you’re in a suite with a shared bathroom and like night showers instead of morning showers, let them know so you can build a cohesive morning routine.

Put Away Your Valuables

Even if you build trust with your roommate and form a great relationship, it’s always best to keep the things you care most about out of their way. Dorms are often tiny spaces, and if your roommate accidentally bumps into your space and breaks something valuable, it could hurt your relationship!

Pixel-Shot – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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