Not Everyone Is Interested In Having A Traditional Wedding Ceremony, And Here’s How To Tell Your Parents You’re Eloping

Ekaterina Pokrovsky - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Are you and your partner considering eloping? A lot of couples choose to go this route if they want to have a special ceremony with just the two of them and an officiant, of course.

While this is definitely a sweet choice, it may leave you wondering how and when you tell people, especially your parents, about the news.

It’s important to think about your and your partner’s relationships with both sets of parents when determining whether to tell them about your elopement before or after the fact.

Additionally, cultural and religious beliefs are also something to consider. Some parents may find it hurtful or disrespectful if you tell them after the fact like they were left out of the loop on something so important.

Other parents, however, might love the exciting surprise and will be happy for you and your partner’s choice to tie the knot.

Yet, if you tell parents beforehand, some may be encouraging and excited for you, while others may give you a bunch of grief leading up to the elopement about how they wish you would have a more ‘traditional’ ceremony.

You and your partner should be able to predict their reactions better than anyone and should make your decision accordingly.

If you do decide to tell your parents about the element before it happens, consider doing so in a way that is special and sentimental. Even though you may not be throwing the huge extravagant party that your mother-in-law envisioned for you, this time in your life is still a major milestone, and your commitment to your partner should be celebrated by those closest to you.

Think about creating a handwritten note, sharing the exciting news, and reminding them that you are letting them in on a big secret! This way, they will surely feel special and thought about.

Ekaterina Pokrovsky – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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