She And Her Boyfriend Went Out Shopping For A Refrigerator One Night In October, And That Was The Last Time Her Sons Or Neighbors Ever Saw Her

Then, on November 25th, 1979, Michele was found shot to death in an apartment in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It was concluded that he had taken his own life, but some investigators don’t believe that to be true.

Although her boyfriend and his roommate were both found, Susan is still considered missing, and authorities cannot confirm whether or not her disappearance is tied to their deaths.

Authorities have also stated there is no evidence to prove that she lived past October 3rd, 1979. However, her family is holding out in hopes that she’ll one day return home.

“I’m the last man standing,” Adam DeQuina told Boston 25 News.

“Hopefully, we can get some kind of closure for my family.”

At the time of Susan’s disappearance, she was 22-years-old. She was approximately five foot two, weighed between 120 and 150 pounds, and had auburn hair and hazel eyes. Susan also had a tattoo of a rose on her chest.

If you have any information regarding her case, you are urged to contact the Lynn Police Department at 781-595-2000.

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