She Riskily Ditched Her Friends In A Foreign Country To Hook Up With A Guy, And Then She Couldn’t Figure Out How To Get Back To Her Dorm Room

sayan - illustrative purposes only

When studying abroad, people tend to want to make the most of the experience and go on all kinds of crazy adventures. Some even risk their lives all in the name of good fun!

TikToker @ferlyp is telling a story about how she ditched her friends at a club while in a foreign country and left with a random guy without telling them or bringing any of her belongings.

So she was studying abroad in South Korea, and one night she went to a nightclub with her friends. They put their coats and purses in a locker so they wouldn’t have to carry them around all night.

Eventually, they became separated from each other, dancing with different guys. She was dancing with one guy, and things were getting a little steamy, so they wanted to go someplace else.

However, she couldn’t speak Korean very well. She tried to tell him that she needed to grab her stuff and inform her friends that she was leaving, but when she came back with her stuff, he was gone.

The next night, she and her friends were at the club again, and she ended up dancing with another guy who was even cuter than the last one. This time, she didn’t tell her friends she was leaving the club with a guy. She also didn’t bring her phone, credit card, ID, transportation card, or keys.

Once she arrived at a hotel room with the guy, she used his phone to message her friends to let them know her whereabouts. She told them that she would be back at the club within two hours.

But after hooking up with the guy, she fell asleep. And when she woke up, she saw sunlight streaming in through the windows, and the bed was empty. The guy had left behind a note, saying that he had a great time, but he needed to get to work.

She was hit with the terrible realization that she had no idea how to get back home. She also had plans with her friends at 11 a.m. and was worried she might’ve missed them.

sayan – illustrative purposes only

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