She Thinks Her Friend Is Malicious And Mean For Wanting To Prank Her Husband And Pretend To Be Pregnant

innarevyako - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Whether or not to have children is one of the biggest life decisions a couple can make. When there is disagreement on which path to travel, it can cause a lot of tension.

This woman’s 24-year-old friend disagrees with her husband of one year, also 24, on this issue. Her friend often vocalizes her wishes to never have children, while her husband has always hoped he’d have children someday.

For two months, her friend had skipped her time of the month. When she told her husband, he said that if it’s because she’s pregnant, they should seriously consider having the child because he is ready for parenthood.

“Today, she told me that she will ‘prank’ her husband and tell him that the test came back positive, even though it was negative,” she said.

In her view, her friend’s idea sounded a bit mean, so she asked her friend why she wanted to do this in the first place.

“She told me (with a bit of maliciousness) that she wants to know if he actually wants it. I told her, ‘Didn’t you get your answer when he told you that he is ready if it’s positive?’ She told me no, that’s not enough,” she explained.

Then, her friend said that she thinks her husband is under manipulation and influence from his parents, who have apparently been pressuring him to start having children since he and her friend got married last year.

“I can’t stop her, but I felt like this prank was evil and playing with his feelings. I know him, and I know how much he wanted kids for years,” she continued.

Unfortunately, her friend’s behavior has been even more extreme throughout her marriage. Even though they’ve only been married for a year, their relationship has constantly been rocky, and her husband has tried to break up with her or take a temporary break on more than one occasion. However, whenever he would attempt to do this, her friend would threaten to hurt herself.

innarevyako – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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