His Parents Spend All Their Money On His Foster Siblings, And He’s Hurt They’re Adopting Another Child When They Are Struggling Financially

watman - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Not long after this 16-year-old guy was born, his mom and dad started fostering children. His parents adopted three children prior to deciding to quit fostering.

Back then, his parents mentioned they had to spend more time on the kids they already had as the reason they stopped fostering, but he knows it’s because they were having a tough time with four kids.

Towards the end of their fostering, he felt as if his parents only cared about the money they received for doing it. And speaking of money, his parents unequally buy things for him and his foster siblings.

“As the oldest and their bio kid, so they didn’t worry if I felt like I belonged or not, I had to make more sacrifices than my siblings,” he explained.

“Stuff for me came last. I got less than my siblings, too, and gifts were cheaper, so they could splurge a little for my siblings. So for Christmas, I’d maybe get some clothes and books (and I don’t really read) my siblings would get toys and tablets and stuff they loved. For my birthday, I’d get a smaller cake and essentials as gifts again.”

“When I was 12, my grandparents bought me a laptop for my birthday, and my parents pressured me into giving it up so it could be used as a family computer instead of a personal one just for me. I said no the first time, but my parents weren’t going to accept it.”

He rarely gets to see his friends since his parents hate paying for gas driving him around. They also won’t give him money to go out to eat or see a movie with his friends.

When he goes to birthday parties, his parents refuse to give him gifts to bring with him, so he has to ask his grandparents to help him. However, when his siblings go to birthday parties, his parents won’t send them without gifts.

His parents have asked him recently to get a job, but he knows they only want him to help make more money for them to spend.

watman – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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