She’s Always Been Expected To Keep Her Twin Brother On Track In School And Make Sure He Doesn’t Fail, But For Their Senior Year, She’s Refusing To Hold His Hand Anymore

Natalia - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 17-year-old girl has a twin brother, and ever since middle school, she’s been expected to keep him on track in his studies.

Her brother reportedly really struggles whenever it comes to academic environments that offer stress (and deadlines). So, he winds up becoming apathetic as the school year drones on and is left with nearly failing grades.

By the end of every term, she’s watched the same cycle happen right before her eyes. Her brother’s grades typically range from Ds to Fs, and she has to step in to pick up the pieces– even if that means helping his average get just high enough to avoid failing.

She’s always done this, too, and it’s helped her twin brother never fail. Sure, he sometimes barely passes, but he has never missed a credit or been held back– which he would have been without her help.

Her help normally consisted of her dragging her brother into the dining room and having him sit down and work on assignments while she sat there as an accountability buddy.

“He would complain, yell, and just be rude the entire time,” she recalled.

Sometimes, she would also have to just log onto her brother’s school computer and complete his assignments for him. Then, even if he knew that she helped him out by completing his work, he would rarely acknowledge it.

Instead, her brother would just complain if any of her work on his assignments ever lost some points.

“But my parents, especially my mom, always told me this was just what my job was since I’m his sister,” she revealed.

Natalia – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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