Since His Wife Started Calling Him Her “House Husband,” He’s Refusing To Do Any Chores Until She Apologizes

New Africa - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Do you know how difficult it is to take care of a home?

One man has been doing all the household chores while his wife works a busy job. But now that she started calling him her “house husband,” he’s felt emasculated and is refusing to do any chores until she apologizes.

He and his wife, Bella, are both 28-years-old and have been married for five years.

They met in college, and after graduation, he worked in a kitchen while she went to law school. Now, Bella has a great, busy job, and he doesn’t work. They live very comfortably, and he’s responsible for taking care of all the household duties while Bella’s at work.

He’s in charge of cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, caring for their yard, etc. He felt comfortable with what he does until about six months ago when Bella started referring to him as her “house husband” around family and friends.

“I’ve mostly been letting it go, but every single time it bothers me,” he said.

“I’m already insecure about not being able to find a good job, and it makes me feel even more inadequate.”

He finally got to the end of his rope the other day when his mother-in-law was visiting. He already thinks his mother-in-law doesn’t like him, and his wife made a comment that he thinks sealed his fate. His mother-in-law started talking about the work that goes into making a lawn look good.

Then, his wife said, “Thank goodness I have a house husband for that, or I’d never find the time,” while smiling at him. His wife and mother-in-law started laughing, and he felt humiliated.

New Africa – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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