Use These Easy Techniques To Ripen Your End-Of-Summer Green Tomatoes

You will want to check up on your tomatoes regularly since this process takes about a week. So, take a peek every day or two to keep a pulse on their progress. Soon, you’ll be amazed as your tomatoes become a gorgeous red, and it’ll be time to slice them up for a salad or sandwich.

The Windowsill Technique

For those who prefer to keep more of a keen eye on things, the good old windowsill might be the way to go. Simply select a sunny windowsill in your house that gets plenty of indirect light. Then, head out to your garden, gather your green bounty, and line up the tomatoes on your windowsill stem side down to avoid bruising.

Aside from having to turn the tomatoes occasionally, you’ll get to watch as the tomatoes gradually turn from green to red right before your eyes with little effort.

When Life Gives You Green Tomatoes…

Sometimes, you may find yourself with a huge bounty of green tomatoes and not enough time (or energy) to wait for them to ripen.

I totally get it, and in these cases, remember that embracing green isn’t a bad thing.

Green tomatoes actually have their own unique flavor and can be used in a variety of recipes, including green tomato chutney or fried green tomatoes. So, don’t feel guilty about cashing in early and enjoying them without the fuss.

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