A Little Girl Bullied Her Daughter And Stole Her Lunchbox, So She Dumped This Kid’s Lunch Right In The Trash

pololia - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

This 25-year-old woman’s sister bought a $50 Bento lunchbox and gave it to her 6-year-old daughter.

A few days ago, on a Thursday, her daughter got home from school, and she began to take everything out of her daughter’s backpack, which she does each day. But as she unpacked all of her daughter’s belongings, she noticed that the Bento lunchbox wasn’t in the backpack.

So, she asked her daughter what happened to the lunchbox, and her daughter told her that a classmate, Audrey, had stolen it from her and wouldn’t give it back.

“I asked if she went to her teacher, and she said yes, but her teacher told her that it’s just a lunchbox and it shouldn’t matter,” she said.

Apparently, she and her daughter have had multiple issues with Audrey already.

At school, Audrey and other girls in her daughter’s class have bullied her daughter. In response, she spoke with the principal and her daughter’s teacher, as well as the school board, and no actions were taken to resolve the issue, even when they assured her that they would put a stop to the bullying.

Understandably, she was furious that Audrey had taken her daughter’s lunchbox. So, the following day, she arrived at her daughter’s school half an hour before lunch and asked to meet with her daughter’s teacher and the principal. Then, they brought her daughter to the office where they were meeting, and they told her daughter’s teacher and the principal what happened.

After they explained their side of the story, Audrey was brought to the office as well.

“Audrey brought the lunchbox to ‘prove’ that it was hers, but I asked them to open the lunchbox because my daughter’s name was inside, and, lo and behold, when she opened it, there was my daughter’s name, as clear as day,” she explained.

pololia – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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