First, There Was Cottage Core, And Now There’s “Goblincore”: The Aesthetic That Embraces Our Messier, More Chaotic Sides

Luoxi - illustrative purposes only

Goblins have become a popular symbol of a certain aesthetic trend in recent years. You may find that surprising since the squat little monster is typically portrayed as a grotesque, unappealing creature.

The trend we’re talking about is goblincore. Goblincore embraces the messy, chaotic side of nature, and can manifest in lifestyle, fashion, and interior design.

It’s different from cottagecore, which invokes visions of a picturesque, peaceful life in the countryside.

Goblincore is about leaning into the “dirty” side of nature and appreciating elements that would traditionally be considered unpleasant or disgusting.

This can include insects and animals like spiders, worms, snails, and frogs, but also materials like mud, mushrooms, moss, lichen, rotting logs, and fungi. Goblincore puts a magical spin on these sights. It’s the perfect aesthetic for fall!

A large part of goblincore is community. It’s a very inclusive trend and allows people with different backgrounds to connect and find a common interest.

Goblincore provides an opportunity for self-expression. You can engage in things that really resonate with you, no matter what they are.

If you’re going for a goblincore-inspired room, you can best achieve it by displaying all your desired items. The design style is anti-minimalist and aims to create cozy vibes through excess.

It is recommended to buy second-hand or go antique shopping for furniture with a worn look. Bookshelves, dressers, and trunks should be made of rustic wood or have metal frames.

Luoxi – illustrative purposes only

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