He Doesn’t Want To Invite His Friend To His Wedding After He Caused Him To Herniate A Disk While Playing Baseball

Apparently, the other friends in the group have said that this is just the way Peter is, and it wasn’t done on purpose. And though he does agree with this to an extent and understands that injuries like this can happen while playing sports with Peter, he still can’t help feeling resentful towards Peter.

When he tried to get an apology from Peter, Peter doubled down and said it was just part of the game, and he wanted to drop the subject altogether.

Then, he proposed to his girlfriend of five years last month, and he doesn’t want to invite Peter to the bachelor party or even the wedding. Despite knowing that Peter will still be a part of his life, he can’t forget the physical pain that Peter put him through, and he doesn’t want Peter to be a part of his and his fiancée’s special day.

However, his fiancée and best man (one of the seven friends from college) both don’t think it’s a good idea not to invite Peter to the wedding. They both feel like he’s overly sensitive and isn’t thinking rationally.

Do you think he should invite Peter to his wedding?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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