Her Dad And Stepmom Think She’s Cruel For Skipping Out On A Milestone Vacation With Her Stepsiblings

Gelpi - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 16-year-old girl’s parents are divorced, and because of this, she spends every other week with each of her parents.

Last year, she began spending more time at her mom’s house than her dad’s. Her dad has gotten remarried since the divorce, but her mom has not.

Her dad and her stepmom have three children together, ages eight, six, and four.

“My dad’s house has more money, and they go on more vacations than my mom can afford,” she explained.

“This year, my mom was able to get money for us to go on vacation, but it overlapped with my dad’s Disney booking.”

She let her dad know that she really wanted to go on vacation alone with her mom instead of going on a trip with him, her stepmom, and her stepsiblings.

Her dad pointed out that this was a milestone vacation for her stepsiblings, and he didn’t think she would want to skip it.

Picking a vacation with her mom was a lot more important to her, though, as she has not been able to go on vacation with her mom for the last seven years.

The vacations happened more than a month ago, yet her stepmom and dad initially understood her preferring to be with her mom.

Gelpi – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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