Her Little Sister Said It Was Hurtful That Her Fiancé Proposed To Her On The Same Date As Her Anniversary With Her Ex, Since She Spends The Day Grieving

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This 26-year-old woman and her 28-year-old fiancé have been in a relationship for close to ten years after meeting back in high school.

Despite being together for so long, they both figured it would be best to wait a while to get married, as they wanted to make sure that they were at a very stable point in their lives before making that kind of a commitment.

Two weekends ago, her fiancé finally proposed to her, and she was overjoyed. She was so excited to share her news with her loved ones, and they have always been close to her and her fiancé.

“The problem arose when my little sister (23F) informed me our engagement date was the same date as her and her ex-boyfriend’s anniversary,” she explained.

“She told me it was thoughtless and hurtful to be engaged on a day she grieves every year. For some background, my sister and her ex started dating in high school and had a very tumultuous relationship.”

“They’ve been broken up for over 3 years now, and my sister still has not fully healed. I didn’t make the connection at first, but once she pointed it out, I, of course, felt awful.”

She has no clue how to make her little sister feel better, though, since she didn’t pick the proposal date; her fiancé did and surprised her.

Her sister is furious and refuses to speak to her. Her sister has also threatened to not attend her wedding because she doesn’t want their relationship to be “rubbed in her face.”

All of this drama has really made her feel sad at a point in her life where she should be nothing but happy.

ChinchillaDovington – illustrative purposes only

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