Her Stepmom Is Calling Her Selfish For Not Allowing Her Stepsister To Come On A Special Trip She Goes On With Her Dad Every Year

She has been declining every year since then, and her dad isn’t happy about it at all, but he never pushes her to say yes.

Her dad does take Sam out to do other things without her, and that doesn’t bother her in the least.

“This year, however, Sam is very adamant on going, and I just don’t want to, my dad is pressuring me to let her come as well as Dora, while my aunt and grandma are insisting he just leaves this thing untouched between us but my dad doesn’t want to hurt ”his little girl’s feelings,” she explained.

“NGL, that stung. I said that if he really wants her there, then he doesn’t have to pick me up for Christmas this year and to just leave me be. I called my mom to pick me up, and my dad tried to console me and apologize because I was crying, but I just asked him to leave me alone and got to the porch to wait.”

“Sam and Dora insist that I’m…acting selfish, but the way I see it, it’s not like that, this is the only real thing I have with my dad, I have to do everything else with him and Sam or else I get a nasty look. I get that Dad loves her, I don’t care, but why do I have to share the only thing I have?”

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