His Sister-In-Law’s Boyfriend Is Jealous of The Relationship He Has With Her, And He’s Tired of Being Dragged Into The Drama

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For a year, this 35-year-old man has been working with his sister-in-law, 27, and their jobs are in a field that’s predominantly male.

He’s known his sister-in-law since she was 12-years-old, and they have such a close bond that she’s like a sister to him.

Leading up to his sister-in-law working with him, she was financially unstable. Even though she was working two jobs, she was still living paycheck-to-paycheck.

“So, I had the idea that she come work with me. I work in oilfields. She was reluctant since it’s a construction job, and it’s mostly men working. She is a tough woman, and I knew she could do it,” he said.

After several months of trying to convince his sister-in-law to work with him, she eventually agreed, and he helped her get a position at his company.

In order to save money, he and his sister-in-law drove the two-hour commute together.

Three months into his sister-in-law’s new job, she got into a relationship with a co-worker. In the beginning, things seemed fine.

However, his sister-in-law’s boyfriend quickly developed resentment and envy towards the close bond he had with his sister-in-law.

“He would say that he didn’t view our relationship as normal and that he would never have this type of relationship with his sisters-in-law,” he explained.

ajr_images – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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