How To Know When Your Child Is Ready To Take The Plunge And Head To Preschool

If your child can handle short separations and start performing some tasks on their own, they might be gearing up for preschool.

If not, slowly introducing more independent time away from home may be a helpful first step.

Communication Skills

When it comes time for children to venture off to preschool, they will be forced to communicate– whether that’s through words, gestures, or even expressing their personality during activities.

Try to gauge if your little one feels comfortable interacting and communicating with others. Also, determine if they are able to express their needs– such as for a snack or diaper change– without you around.

If your child can understand simple instructions and openly express themselves, they might be ready to venture off to preschool.

Also, Are You Ready?

The decision to send your children to preschool is not just about the kids; it’s also about you. The transition can be huge, and you have to figure out if you are ready for this change.

Children often glean their comfort and acceptance of new situations from their parents– mirroring the same response.

So, the readiness of the parents or guardians can be as critical as that of the child.

Consider your daily routines, work commitments, and emotional readiness before taking the plunge. After all, the beginning of preschool may not be emotionally easy and will likely require some patience.

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