She Caused Her Sister’s Boyfriend To Dump Her After She Told Him Her Sister Was Hanging Out With Her Ex

alfa27 - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman and her sister have never really seen eye to eye. While she cares deeply about her sister, she doesn’t approve of her often “irresponsible and erratic” behavior.

Her sister never graduated from college, and she joins a new multi-level marketing company each year.

Whenever her sister finds more acceptable jobs, the pay is often based on commission, and she believes that her sister relies on her good looks in order to make sales. Plus, her sister doesn’t think about her future or save any of the money she makes.

Despite this, her sister’s two children are well-behaved, but neither of their fathers is present in their lives.

For more than a year, her sister has been in a relationship with a man named Mark.

“I was a little surprised, honestly. He wasn’t really her type. But I chalked it up to her finally maturing a little. He has a regular job at a bank, unlike all the musicians and entrepreneurs she usually hangs out with,” she said.

Mark was sweet with her nephews and dedicated to her sister and their relationship. Her family adored him, and so did their friends. The relationship appeared to be smooth sailing.

A month ago, Jim, a guy her sister had previously been hooking up with on and off, came back to their town to visit.

Apparently, whenever he visits, the same cycle repeats. Her sister would badger everyone in the family to ask if anyone could babysit, quit her current job, or take a ton of time off, and then immediately break up with her current boyfriend so that she could be with Jim.

alfa27 – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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