She Doesn’t Want To Go On Vacation With Her Friend Because She Doesn’t Like Her Friend’s Aggressive Dog

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Three years ago, this woman’s friend, Ana, rescued a pit bull. Meanwhile, she has two small dogs, both just 11 pounds, that she rescued 10 years ago.

Not too long ago, she bought a beach house, and Ana was excited at the idea of the two of them going to the beach house together. She agreed and thought it would be a good time. Ana is a close friend of hers who she enjoys being around.

She has known Ana for the last 20 years, and they have been through each other’s darkest moments.

Ana supported her when she almost died during the birth of her son. After the ordeal, she spent two weeks recovering in the hospital, endured several blood transfusions, and her son spent eight weeks in the NICU.

Through this terrifying experience, Ana was there for her, and she came over to her house to help out throughout her emotional and physical recovery.

Ana then provided emotional support when she and her husband divorced. And she reciprocated support when Ana needed it.

Tragically, Ana’s husband passed away five years ago, and only a month after that, her father suddenly passed away.

Later, Ana was extremely ill and had to have a major intestinal surgery. The recovery process was brutal, and she was with Ana to help her however she needed. Since suffering such tragic losses back-to-back, Ana has been deeply sad and struggling to cope with living in a world where her husband and father are no longer here.

Unfortunately, Ana is going to bring her dog to the beach house because she can’t find anyone to watch her dog, and the beach where the house is located allows dogs.

travnikovstudio – illustrative purposes only

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