She Went To Stay With Her Mom And Told Her Husband He Needed To Get His Act Together Because He Quit His Job A Year Ago, And She’s Been Covering All Their Expenses Ever Since

Their financial situation has left her feeling seriously anxious and suffocated, too. That’s why she finally stood up for herself recently.

“I declared that I will no longer pay for anything as I am drained managing every single expense for the last year,” she said.

She also told the owner of their house that they would be vacating the premises this month.

Well, rather than trying to understand the amount of stress she has been under, her husband just got angry and claimed that they couldn’t find another rental on such short notice.

In other words, he essentially implied that she needed to keep paying all of their bills until he found another job.

She’s had it, though, so she finally told her husband that she was done. Then, she was honest and claimed that they just could not stay together until her husband got his act together.

Afterward, she went to stay at her mom’s home and told her in-laws about what happened.

Still, her in-laws are pretty upset with her because she didn’t “amicably” deal with the issue with her husband.

But honestly, she just doesn’t care. She’s tried to have various discussions with her husband about their financial situation, yet he still kept making stupid financial decisions that left her in a tough place.

“I am not sure if he will get another job anytime soon, and I don’t want to take up any more burdens,” she vented.

“I told him that it’s not his mistake for losing his job, but being in debt was his choice.”

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