She’s Convinced That All The Mean Girls In High School Grow Up To Be Nurses

tutye - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This young woman is completely convinced that all the mean girls in high school grow up to be nurses, and after seeing a lot of videos on TikTok about this exact situation, that’s only made her think about it more.

If she looks back at the mean girls she went to high school with, six of them grew up to be nurses, and she thinks it’s funny.

Well, she thinks it’s strange that it seems to be a thing, and she also believes it’s sort of concerning as well.

When she was little, she always believed that nurses were kindhearted, but now that she’s an adult, she knows that’s not always true, just like it’s true for every profession; not everyone who holds a specific job is nice, after all.

“But TBH, now that we’ve grown up and are working and all, I’m scared to go into a hospital and find my old classmates, AKA mean girls, working there,” she explained.

“Why do people like them go into such professions? I’m so intrigued by that. Also, do these people just forget how badly they treated others?”

“Like they just grow up from it like nothing happened and genuinely believe they are good? [Because] why do I have to make the extra effort to heal from the insecurities and false beliefs I have of myself because of my high school years now that I’m in my twenties, while they continue to live their happy lives?”

She knows the mean girls don’t all live perfect and amazing lives or have happily ever afters, but it sure seems to come across like that.

She also is in a much better place currently than she was back in high school, and she’s spent this entire year being super happy.

tutye – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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