She’s Detailing A List of Toxic Things She Did To Successfully Catch Her Boyfriend Cheating

michael spring - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Thanks to technology, it’s never been easier to cheat on your significant other. However, that same tech has also made it easier than ever to learn if your partner is cheating.

There are many ways to catch a cheater, and TikToker Tabitha (@tabithaamae) is detailing a list of “toxic” things she did to successfully catch her boyfriend cheating.

First, she described how she busted her boyfriend by pretending to be another woman online. She used an old Instagram account to pose as a fake woman and used an old photo of herself for the profile picture. She cropped it so only her body was visible.

While she was scheming and creating this fake account, she was certain that he wouldn’t fall for the ruse. However, Tabitha was able to manipulate him into revealing his wrongdoings.

He was living in Montreal, Canada, and everyone around him spoke French. French was also his first language. To really sell it and make him believe she was a girl living in Montreal, Tabitha messaged him in French using a translator.

She told him that she met his friend Rob a few weeks ago. In response, her boyfriend asked if she was someone named Natalie and said that he had been waiting for her to reach out.

Another time Tabitha caught him cheating was when she noticed a girl in the background of his Instagram story. The girl was wearing a red jacket. Tabitha texted her boyfriend using an app that hid her phone number and pretended to be the girl with the red jacket.

Her boyfriend replied in confusion, asking if she was “Laura” and claimed that he thought he already had her phone number. Tabitha improvised and managed to salvage the situation by pretending that “Laura” had shattered her phone the previous night and was using her friend’s phone until she could go to the store for a new one.

Her next course of action was to get him to admit he was cheating. So, she asked him, “Are we just not going to talk about last night?” hoping he would tell on himself.

michael spring – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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