Her Maid of Honor Called Her Selfish After She Refused To Let Her Throw A Surprise Birthday Party For Her Sister During A Trip That’s Supposed To Be For Her Bachelorette Party

Kristen - illustrative purposes only

In October, this 25-year-old woman is marrying her fiancé, 29.

“Since we share the same group of friends, we’ve decided to have a combined bachelor/bachelorette party. We rented a cabin, and my future maid of honor was in charge of planning it,” she said.

Their wedding will be held a week after the party.

Her maid of honor’s younger sister’s 18th birthday will be the same weekend as the party, which is a big deal for her.

“Without consulting me or my fiancé, she decided to surprise her sister with a birthday celebration. I initially thought it would just be a cake, candles, and a song we all agreed on. But later, we found out she wanted to include fireworks and flares, which I found excessive,” she explained.

When she learned that her maid of honor was adding a lot more to celebrate her sister’s birthday, she told her that because the weekend was supposed to be a bachelor/bachelorette party for her and her fiancé, she should just stick with giving her sister a cake with candles and skip the fireworks and flares.

Her maid of honor’s sister is already planning to celebrate her birthday a week after the bachelor/bachelorette party, the day after their wedding.

Originally, she and her fiancé had debated on moving their party to a different weekend to avoid coinciding with any birthday plans on the actual birthday day, but her maid of honor’s sister confirmed that she’d still celebrate the week after her birthday instead.

“My maid of honor called me selfish and said I wouldn’t share an hour of attention with her sister. Keep in mind that her sister’s 18th birthday is the day after our wedding, and the fireworks could still be used then,” she shared.

Kristen – illustrative purposes only

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