She’s Making Her Son Cook Dinner For Their Family Once A Week Since She Thinks This Is A Skill He Needs To Learn, But Her Own Mom Screamed At Her For Punishing Him

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This 43-year-old woman has two teen sons: 15-year-old James and 17-year-old Adam. Ever since he was little, Adam has always liked to cook, and he’s actually quite good at it.

Adam is the one who makes dinner for their entire family two or three times every single week since he enjoys it that much.

Adam also loves trying out new recipes, and so making dinner for everyone gives him the ability to do that.

She’s the one who cooks dinner on the nights that Adam does not, but over the summer, her husband likes to grill basically every single night.

Now, James has never shown any interest in cooking, although she has attempted to teach him the basics in the kitchen.

James is fully capable of putting together a sandwich for himself, but he’s the kind of person who would rather reach for a piece of fruit than make a meal.

“A few months back, James began asking Adam in the afternoons to make him a snack (something homemade), and sometimes he’ll do it if he’s in the mood, but more often than not, he’s bothered by the daily requests,” she explained.

“I asked James why he can’t make a sandwich or have a snack (we always have things like hummus, yogurt, pita, sliced veggies, salsa, and chips; I make baked goods often…a good array of decent snacks).”

“He could make a smoothie, there’s always frozen fruit. But he said Adam is just better at it, and he doesn’t know how to make it as good. I felt this was a sign I had dropped the ball, so I decided that James would take over making the family dinner once a week.”

MAX + CO PHOTO – illustrative purposes only

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