Size Does Matter: How To Choose The Perfect Rug For Every Room In Your Home

Victor zastol'skiy - illustrative purposes only

We all hate the age-old question: What size rug is the right size rug? While this might not be a question that’s been pondered by philosophers through the ages, it’s definitely a head-scratcher for anyone sprucing up their home.

Whether you’re moving into your first adult apartment or giving your long-time living space a little facelift, picking the right rug can make a world of difference.

Here’s how to choose the perfect rug to pair with all of the different rooms in your home.

Living Room: The Social Hub

In the living room, size really matters, but not how you might think. Contrary to popular belief, bigger isn’t always better.

The key? Proportions. A rug should complement the furniture, not overshadow it or get lost underneath.

So, here’s a golden rule: Aim for a rug size that allows for at least the front legs of your furniture to sit on it.

If your couch and chairs are against the wall, a smaller rug can suffice, framing the central area. Or, if your furniture is floating in the middle of the room, go for a larger rug that can accommodate all furniture legs.

And, hey, if you’re really unsure, painter’s tape can be your best friend. Map it out on the floor to visualize before you buy.

Victor zastol’skiy – illustrative purposes only

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