There’s An Off-Grid Community Hidden In The Woods of Somerset, England

Lois GoBe - illustrative purposes only

Have you ever wanted to escape the chaos of life and life in a little whimsical home in the woods? 

Well, there’s a community living off the grid in England made up of people doing exactly that. 

Tinkers Bubble is a small, off-grid woodland community living in a commune in the woods of Somerset, England. 

For just 120 pounds a month, the long-term residents of Tinkers Bubble stay in self-built houses and live off the land. 

Tinkers Bubble was founded in the mid-90s and is located on 40 acres of land. They have pastures that are used for gardening and their farm animals, which include chickens and cows. They grow their own produce and make honey from the bees they keep. 

Year-round, there are typically less than 10 permanent residents at Tinkers Bubble who live in eight houses built out of straw, wood and recycled material from local cottages. There are a few young children who live in the commune as well. 

So, how do the people of Tinkers Bubble make a living?

They typically live off their forestry work, selling timber and some of the produce they grow and harvest on-site, including fresh apple juice and vegetables.

Residents at Tinkers Bubble have found ways to live and enjoy life without using any fossil fuels and prioritizing the wellness of the environment. They use solar panels for electricity, burn wood for hot water and cooking, and drink spring water on tap. Their activities change with the seasons, and they’ve found ways to support themselves year-round.

Lois GoBe – illustrative purposes only

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