These Home Upgrades Won’t Break The Bank And Are Completely Friendly If You Happen To Be A Renter

Add new light fixtures.

Lighting in rental apartments and houses can sometimes be bleak or too harsh. There’s no better way to set a vibe than to introduce lighting fixtures you love into your space. Many people believe in “never turning on the big lights,” as light from lamps and hanging lights can make a space much cozier.

Lighting fixtures vary in all sizes, shapes, and prices, so don’t be afraid to do extensive research to find something that suits your style.

Get new blinds or curtains.

Living in a rental with dingy blinds or curtains isn’t fun. Getting new ones can not only make your space more inviting, but it can help make sure you have enough privacy and control the lighting in your space. Pick out some curtains in your favorite color or, if you have permission in your lease to do so, have someone help you install some new blinds that make you feel better about your place.

Introduce some fun rugs.

If your living room or bedroom feels cold and dull, try introducing a rug to your space! You can find affordable rugs online or in stores that add a pop of color and warmth. The best part about rugs is all you have to do is unroll it and plop it anywhere. They’re one of the easiest things to take in and out of a room. 

So there you go! Now, you have some great ideas for ways to jazz up your rental. Don’t be afraid to get inventive when it comes to making a space your own as long as you’re following the terms of your lease, of course!

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