When Faced With A Guy Who Thinks He’s Better Than You Or Demeans You In Some Way, Try Crushing His Ego

janifest - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Many women may not know this, but they actually have a lot of power over a man’s ego. The ego is probably one of the most fragile, delicate things about the male species.

While dating as a woman, you might encounter quite a bit of men who have an inflated sense of superiority and are pretty full of themselves.

When faced with a guy who thinks he’s better than you or demeans you in some way, consider putting your foot down and crushing his ego. The idea of crushing someone’s ego doesn’t sound like a nice one, but the purpose of destroying a guy’s ego shouldn’t be to cause irreparable damage.

Instead, it’s more about taking him down a peg so that he experiences the consequences of his actions and possibly changes his behavior as a result. Hopefully, he will learn how his remarks and actions impact the people he interacts with.

By crushing his ego, you’re setting boundaries, standing up for yourself, and treating yourself with the respect you deserve.

TikToker George Orsaris (@gorsaris) is discussing how you can effectively crush a man’s ego with just a few simple words.

In his video, he describes a situation where you’ve been talking to a guy for a while when he suddenly tells you that he’s not looking for a serious relationship.

“Ladies, if you’re talking to a man, and he turns around and he tells you, ‘You know, I’m actually not looking for anything serious right now,’ all you have to do is turn around and reply to him, ‘Oh, but I am. And it turns out you are not my type.’ Crush his ego,” he said.

Many TikTok users shared how they would respond or have responded to someone telling them they didn’t want to be in a committed relationship.

janifest – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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