In The Middle Of A Date, A Guy Asked If She Had “Thick Skin” Before Proceeding To Say She Looked Chubby On Social Media

Nejron Photo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Within moments of meeting her date, TikToker Amy (@itsamyyc) felt her initial excitement for the night becoming overshadowed by a stinging remark about her body. After he body-shamed her, she got up and left in the middle of their date.

So, a guy from work asked her out for drinks. They went to a pub and had a nice time at first. They got along well and were just chatting away when he suddenly asked her if she had “thick skin.”

Apparently, he wanted to tell her something that his roommate had said, but he had to make sure she would be able to handle it first.

Amy knew she was about to be insulted. He proceeded to inform her that he had shown his roommate her social media page.

His roommate had said she was pretty but that she looked chubby in her photos, so she would probably be chubby in person as well.

She sat there in disbelief. It took her a few minutes to process what he was saying to her. As she stared at him, she could see the realization that she was really offended wash over him.

Immediately, he tried to backtrack, emphasizing that she didn’t look chubby at all now that he had seen her in real life.

At that point, Amy’s mood had shifted severely. She was angry and irritated by his rudeness, so she confronted him about the negative comment he had made.

Then, he tried to gaslight her into thinking she was getting upset over nothing. He told her that he never said being chubby was a negative thing.

Nejron Photo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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