She’s Refusing To Donate Her Kidney To Her Estranged Sister Because Her Sister Kept Her Biological Child Away From Her For Years

yuriy - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this 29-year-old woman was a teenager, she admitted that she was “reckless.” At the age of 17, she wound up getting pregnant, and she was honestly terrified.

Her parents were also on the conservative side, so her older sister Alice– who was 27 at the time– stepped in to help her out.

Apparently, Alice was married and unable to have children. So, she was convinced to allow her sister to adopt her baby. That way, her child could be kept in the family.

“Alice made me promise not to tell anyone that the child was biologically mine and to always act as the ‘aunt,'” she recalled.

Once she agreed, though, things quickly spiraled out of control. After her daughter, Emily, was born, her sister moved away once Emily turned just 2-years-old.

Then, after her sister was no longer living locally, she was only allowed to keep minimal contact with her daughter.

On top of that, her sister changed her daughter’s last name, and Emily was told that her biological mother had passed away in a tragic accident!

Now, she was not okay with this, but her sister Alice didn’t care.

“I confronted Alice, and she said it was ‘for the best’ and cut contact completely,” she revealed.

yuriy – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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